Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just talking to talk

I went to church this morning. Then I had brunch at my grandma's house. Then I went to the Dayton mall all by myself. This was actually the first time I've ever done that. Some guy sitting outside wistled at me when I went in and that made me mad because I knew he was just being mean. I wish people could just stop being so cruel to one another. It embarresed me and I just tried to get in the door and away from him as quickly as possible. Anyway, I don't like the mall very much and it is even less apealling alone, so I did not stay long. I was home by 1:30 and have been here since. I'll just say that Im really glad I have a job to keep my occupied. I don't like sitting around the house doing nothing. This is terrible. I even started cleaning my room out of boredom.

I think I'll go get in my car and see where I lead me.

Sarah Jo

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