Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I can't think of a title this early in the morning.

Well, Ive got about ten minutes before I have to leave for work. That's not enough time to start a book and I really don't want to watch TV, so here I am.

It just recently hit me that school will be starting back up soon and Im not very excited about it. I don't really want to drive to Hamilton once a week for my night class. No, lets reword that: I really don't want to drive to Hamilton. . . .

When school starts I'll have to buy books and work less (work less = less money) and do homework and read textbooks and I just hate reading textbooks when there are so many other interesting books out there. Anyway, it has to be done. If I don't do this now, life will suck, I'm sure.

I was thinking the other day, if I wasn't going to be a teacher, what would I do? I don't have any idea. Teaching seems like the safe, the good, the right thing to do. I guess I would want to do something with writing but I don't know what that would be. Hmm.

I have such vivid dreams. They are so real sometimes. Its so easy to see where the bits and pieces come from sometimes, and other times. . .

Well, its time to go!

Sarah Jo


Ronnie said...

I go to school year 'round. I love my classes. The more classes I take===getting done sooner===being able to get a real full-time job====tons of more money. You just have to look at the positive not the negative. I don't open up my textbooks. . . I get everything out of the lectures, but the research papers are killer. . .I love the writing, but I hate spending hours in the library. I think I will take today and go to Columbus and do some research (there are so many more books there).
Ever consider journalism?? A lot of authors start out as journalist that way if they can not make it as writers they still get to do what they love and have a stable job. Hemingway started out that way, Stephen Crane started out that way. Stephen King started out used teaching English as a back-up plan(and he still does it on occasion). And my personal favorite. . .Mitch Albom is a journalist for the Detroit Free Press (he writes sports articles).
So, what are your dreams about??

Ashes said...

Teaching would be the best thing for you. You love children, knowledge, and did I say children. I've been thinking lately about my choice to become a teacher.
I wanted to thank you for going to the theater yesterday. I found my keys, so the search can end.My brother found them in the bathroom which is weird considering I cleaned the whoile house yesterday. Well anyways I love ya lots for thinking about me, and I'll see ya soon.

Sarah Jo said...

Sometimes my dreams are bits and pieces of my daily life all chopped up and mixed around. Like last night I dreamed that we got new carpet at work, and in real life, we will be getting new carpet at work. But other times pieces of the books I read and my fears/hopes/dreams/secrets/ect. . . mix all up in themselves to create interesting stories that intrigue, scare, or cofuse me. Mostly my dreams are very vivid and almost real. I dream in color but not in sound usaully.