Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The weirder they are, the more I like 'em!

My boss called me today and told me I could take the day off if I wanted, so I did! I spent the day driving around with Mom.

I have driven SO much in the last three days. I've spent more time on the highway driving since Sunday than I have all summer long. Usually trips that involve the highway also involve me making someone else drive. But not so these last couple trips. You see, I wanted my parents with me, my car is the "nice" car (the one with a/c), and no one else is allowed to drive said car.

Mom and I went to several different book stores today just because I wanted more books and none of the stores had everything I wanted. I came away with Undead and Unemployed and Undead and Unappreciated by MaryJanice Davidson and Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card because my copy is from the library. I like every book I've read by Orson Scott Card. I still want Undead and Unwed. Going into bookstores is always a bit unpleasant because I am overtaken by I WANT! Contrary to what you may believe, I don't always get what I want, just most of the time. And anyway, when I do want some material thing, I buy it. But sometimes what I want is for my Mother to drop everything and go to Centerville with me right now and she never tells me no. My dad, on the other hand, does take a little convincing. Im rambling. I have no point. Well, I did have lots of fun making links. I would have bought some more books by P.C. Cast , but I already have all hers. Ill just have to wait till the next one comes out!

Talking about all these books makes me want to read, so I will.

Sarah Jo

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Ronnie said...

(I just tried to post a really long comment and I lost the whole thing--how sad).
Anyhow, it is exit 32 now? Home for me is exit 110, 125, 127 and 135. . .they all take about the same amount of time to get to depending on direction. I usually take 192 in Toledo (the I475 loop) or 202 (downtown) 211 means the end of Ohio and exit 25 means I-275---Detroit's loop 45 means a relative's house in Detroit and 54 is downtown Detroit. I'm glad you're finally figuring out what it means to enjoy driving.
My car is a 1992 Honda Accord Ex it is a 5 speed with power windows/mirrors/door locks a power moon roof, driver's side airbag, abs, back support adjustment, super-cold a/c, cruise control (yes cruise in a 5 speed---rare I know). The only things it doesn't have are heated mirrors and leather seats. It is Black which is like the very best color for a car, but it has almost 280,000 miles on it. I put about 50,000 on it in the last year and a half.
I like your taste in books, keep talking and I'll end up at the B&N in Jefferson Point (Ft. Wayne). The O.S. Card sounds the most interesting.
If I adopted kids they would probably be American, it just seems that there would be less red-tape to cut through and I would rather help people out around here than abroad.