Thursday, October 07, 2004

When I say RENEGADE, you say PRIDE.

Um, my emotional processor is out to lunch. Or vacation.

Happiness. Definite happiness. And then other stuff. Too complicated to go into, I suppose. Just confusion.

If everything went the way I planned, I wouldn't know what to plan anyhow.

Im just a jumble of stuff today.

Always, with joy.

Leaves crunching underfoot
and the certainty for once
that you love me.

May be complete happiness
in forever
and always.

And my fingertips
are not cold
like usual
because I touched you
and the heat of it
lingers there.

Renders my heart
alive again
when I thought
all feeling had passed
from it.

My breathe doesn't come so easily
when you are near.

And maybe I feel
for once.

Misguided, maybe
but always
with joy.

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