Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What Defines the essence of a human being comes from the inside-out. - Dr. Phil

I enjoyed my very first ride on the public busing system yesterday. Ashley Clay and I decided to do that just for the entertainment of it all. We went to the library. Apparently, trips take a LOT longer when using the bus as your mode of transportation. It was great. Then, we went out to dinner at Frisches, however its spelled. Then, we went to her house where she dyed her hair maroon and we both wathced Drop Dead Fred.

Today, I had a very lazy day indeed. I came home to a completely emptly house. Awesome. I made myself lunch and I colored on the big felty-thingy that I got at K-mart. I colored Belle, which then gave me the desire to watch Beauty and the Beast, which I did. Then, I went upstairs and played around on the internet till noon, when I decided to take a nap. Later, after other things happened ( I just noticed that some of this is out of order (for instance: the movie came after the nap.)) Ashley Jelonek called and I went out to dinner with her at La Pinata. That was fun. And we talked and talked and talked and . . . Awesome.

At no point in the last two days did I do any homework what so ever. Yeah.

But, who cares, really?

And tomorrow is Dress up day at school and I am so being a pioneer girl. You betcha. Bonnet, shift, petticoat, petticoat, apron, shortgown and all. But I veto the stockings, those stupid things. I just hate them.

Well, I should get to the, as plus or minus Sarah says, h to the w. Heh.


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