Friday, October 29, 2004

Bubble Bath Pirates

We got new pictures of the baby again! Can you believe it? You must be screaming your pants off with joy right now, I know. Well, I am happy about it anyway. Excitement and stuff.

Oh and I so couldn't remember how to write in cursive so I had to print out one of those tracing sheets for myself. Ba haha. Well, too bad I cant demonstrate my renewed cursive writing abilities.

And I believe that was all the news I had to share with you today.

Maybe on a more personal note, I am teeming (what an awesome word by the way) with excitement and anticipation of all kinds of things. You know what word I don't like? The word "anxious" because people use it wrong all the time. They say they are anxious for school to be over or for vacation or Friday or something. Except anxious actually means "causing or fraught with or showing anxiety" or "mentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc; worried" So obviously, one is not anxious for summer vacation.
I also do not like the word "aint" Elisabeth said it today. I corrected her and then I told her mother that, since I will be a teacher, I will correct every grammatical error Elisabeth makes when she speaks because 1.) I cringe everytime someone speaks incorrectly 2.) I love her and do not wish for her to sound anything less than brilliant (which she is)

Go on with you, stop looking for errors in my blog. This is not a term paper or something. Go away. Now.

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