Friday, October 01, 2004

A reassuring blue.

In the book I am reading, the aliens turn colors for different emotions, like an all-over mood ring. I think that's awesome and scary. I guess I wouldn't want to be so transparent most of the time.That would be so vulnerable, I think. Not being able to hide anger, embarrassment, attraction, or anything. Wow. I have mastered hiding these things, I think. I call this lying. And I lie all the time. Heh.

Its funny though. Pink is excitement and brown is embarrassment. Its funny because I would be looking quite excited with spots of embarrassment all over! Oh, and Red is angry, so my hair would not know weather it was angry or embarrassed. That's funny. Well, I might as well tell you the rest. Gray is sad/dejected/disappointed/hurt. Green is pleased. Turquoise is really pleased, like when you eat a good food or find something you really like. Blue is reassuring and warm, happy feelings. Orange is fear. Silver is the color of death. Yeah, I think that's all, right? My eyes would be a reassuring blue, I guess. Gold is the color of arousal. I just remembered that one.

Hey, I wonder what black is? Or purple? Yellow? Hmm.

Anyway, I have known people who could read me like a Tendu.
And I think all us humans need allu-a.
I would like that, and be scared of it. Yeah.

Well, Im going to continue not doing my homework, and read the rest of my book. I've got like five pages left!
And I'm going to be sad when its over, but there is a second book called Through Alien Eyes. Ill havta buy it, I'm sure.
Oh, the book I am reading now is called The Color of Distance. That reminds me of Eng 112 last year: What is beyond the earth? The color of memory. I really liked that class. I want to take creative writing. I so do.

Well, until I see you again. . .

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