Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Proud Owner: The Complex Infrastructure Known as the Female Mind.

Ashley came over today and we planned our schedules and stuff. Now, I just have to hurry and sign up for them before one of my classes fills up. I sure hope they don't, because then I would be really mad.
My schedule for next semester as of today:
Monday: No classes
Tuesday: in school from 8:30 till 1:20
Wednesday: No classes
Thursday:8:30-11:15 then 4:00 till 9:40
Friday: No Classes
Saturday: 8:30 to 12:00

All in all, I would say that this looks pretty awesome. I am taking 17 credit hours. That's 5 more credit hours than this semester. Can I handle it? We will see, won't we?

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 today. It did not affect the way I was going to vote, though. Mostly because I was going to vote for Kerry anyhow. I decided this, oh, about three days ago. Yeah, I took it upon myself to actually look up the issues.

I feel so frustrated, but it would take a really long time to explain it to you and then even if you cared enough to listen to me that long you probably would not understand anymore anyway, so I will just say that I am frustrated with America. Maybe I will move to Canada. No, I like Middletown. Maybe I will rally for the annexation of Ohio by Canada. Yeah, that sounds good.

I cannot figure out what is going on with the RK book. I suppose this will be a lesson in patience.

I almost did my homework today. And then didn't.

I did accomplish something anyhow.

I want the referrals to come. Right now.

Well, I must go bathe myself.

Oh, oh! I ran out of the shampoo Connie got me for graduation (the stuff that smelled soo good.) I looked it up online but I only found it in the liter bottles and they were 20 dollars a bottle plus another 10 for shipping. I sure didn't like it that much. I wonder where I could buy it at? Its like a salon-y type shampoo. Mmmm coconut. Sadness :{

Um, oh yes, I was going to go do something productive.


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your unmocking spoof said...

Frankly, I don't think i would mind canada very much at all. It seems to me that it would be like middletown but with more e's and h's at the end of sentences. Sort of like this, eh?