Friday, October 01, 2004

That picture was called "Don't hurt me."

Do you hate the new picture? Should I change it, cus Ashley laughed at it (really loud) and now I feel all self-concious. I liked it but. . . thats me. I'll change it if no one likes it. Yeah. That would require you talking to me.

So, I am not in a very good mood, and I havent been all night long either. I am just stressed out, I guess. Oh well. Test in the morning, then potato festival. Um, and I need to go to hope house again, maybe Tuesday? Hmm. We will see.

And Im glad that I did not go to the trail tonight because I am so tired and grumpy. And broke. Always broke. But I was good, you see. I paid my car insurance bill almost a month early so I would have money to spend at the concert.

The referral didn't come in and that makes me sad. I want to see pictures of the new baby, whatever her name is. I sure hope she's healthy. We will be there soon enough, sweethart!

And there were little children in Fashion Bug today and I just wanted to hold their little hands and talk to them. *sigh*

And I keep talking about the darn book I finished reading. I need to slowly extracate myself from the world of fiction in my head. There are just so many other places I would rather be, I guess.

The Tendu remind me of the Piggies. Just a thought.

And I cannot remember the name for the little. . . I do remember! I will be drifting in a world of fiction where allu-a and aui actually exist. And everybody lived happily forever after.

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