Monday, October 11, 2004

Lately the weather has been so bipolar and consequently so have I.

I bought towels today. I feel so grown up now. They are light and navy blue. I had to rearrange my room to find room for the towels. Yeah, its that packed. My room is now a bedroom/office/walk-in closet/storage-major storage. I got towels because I wanted MY OWN towels. And then I will wash them and put them in my room and no one else's cooties will touch them! Yes! (I am very aware that yes, I am a freak.)

Just to share, I am also bothered by using the Q-tips in the bathroom because I don't know how clean whoeveres hands were when they grabbed one. SO, I bought my own. They are in my room. And. . . I get upset if my toothbrush is in a different position than when I left it. Eww, once it was wet when it shouldn't have been. Mom said she cleaned them all, so I got a new toothbrush, because. . . eww. Don't touch the toothbrush ma'am.

Im sure there are more things, but I wont list them all.

Do you think of me in a different light now?

AND. . . I did the laundry today and no one told me to! I ran out of pink things and had to take matters into my own hands. Ha.

Im waiting for my CD to come in the mail. Godspeed to it.

Oh My Gosh! Joanie said that the rumors are that the referrals were mailed from China. So, maybe Thursday? I sure hope so. Im so stayin the night at her house this weekend. I cant wait to meet the new baby, gosh darn it. I've been thinking about China quite a bit lately.


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