Sunday, October 10, 2004

Dear you,

I just wanted to move a little bit closer to you
I never intended to do all the damage I managed to do.
Sometimes it seems that my every action is tainted with doubt.
But in my private worship of you I was systematically devout.

Laughing at who I thought I was or wanted you to be,
my preconceived notions were plagued with inconsistency.
Almost always bound by the things I thought I knew
or promises I made but never ever followed through.

I've found that things become more complicated than we plan
and the words are imbued with more emotion then when this began.
Now I know the things I wanted were things you could not offer me,
And more important are the things I cannot touch or hear or see.

Suffuse me once again with your ever present benevolence
that constantly surprises me in its overwhelming prevalence,
because I need you more than I would ever deign to say
and I would follow you with more passion than words could ever convey.

1 comment:

Ashes said...

you are so intelligent! I love to read your poems, and this is my new favorite!