Monday, October 18, 2004

Kaitlynn Anne Quinwen Burns, I believe.

I have the heavy feeling in my chest of impending badness. Where did it come from? It started when I got on the internet. Something. . . something. . .

Um, my book still hasnt come yet. Ten days is enough isnt it?

We got pictures of Kaitlynn today, and yes, I spelled it right this time. Anyway, if the computer likes me today, they should be directly above this. Maybe.

Umm. . . I have to take a long test on Wednesday. No fun.

What is this feeling?

I started a poem today, and I dont think I'll finish it:

I close my mouth
to trap the laughter there
but it spills out through my eyes
and stains my cheeks with merry redness.

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