Friday, October 15, 2004

Name the person/people who comes tomind in each question.
1. Always make you laugh. Tommy
2. Always make you angry. My Brother
3. Always makes fun of you Alison
4. Always be there for you Ashley Clay
5. Always buy present for you Joanie
6. Always hangout with you Ashley Clay
7. Always smile at you Most Everyone
8. Always pay for you Me
9. Always drive you around Me
10. Always ask homework questions No one.
11. Always need your help Jenelle
12. Always make you wait Mom
13. Always sleep in classes That one guy.
14. Always cannot make up his/her mind Lots of people
15. Always late for class ? I don't know
16. Never take a bus/train/aeroplane Um. . .
17. Has messy hair Me
18. Untidy ChristopherAdam Lewis
19. Someone you love? Now, that would just take forever to list.
20.A liar or a pretender? My Mother

1 comment:

your unmocking spoof said...

I'm at the top of the list!
do i get a cookie or something for that???