Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I wonder what happens when you press this bu- BOOM!

I got the Relient K Christmas albulm I purchased on eBay in the mail. I've been listening to it all day. Now, I would blame my freakness (caused by listening to Christmas music two months early) on Relient K, but truth be told, I was listening to my other Christmas CD just last week. So, I am a freak either way. I just love Christmas music. It reminds me of our vacations to Michigan. I will miss that this year, but small trade for China, I would say. I'll still miss it.

There was something else, I promise. Oh, I remember! Last evening I was surprised to find a space heater in the bathroom. For whatever reason it was there, its gone now, and my room is nice and toasty. (Infer what you will.) Eww, but it smelled funny, like burnt something or other, so I taped a fabric softener sheet to the vent and now my room smells like warm laundry. Yum.

And. . . Friday and Saturday are "fall break" and I don't have any classes. Excitedness. I don't have to work Saturday either! Whatever will I do with a whole day with no obligations? Hmm.

I feel so not-social. I haven't seen anyone. It was nice to see Ashley today.

I saw my ninth grade English teacher! She was in Fashion Bug and it was awesome. Yeah, cus I'm a nerd and I like my teachers.

I think I'm done now.

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