Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake in-my-mouth.

Started out with me picking Ashley up for school. I sat through class, shifting in my seat and feeling antsy. Went home. Picked Ashley up from school. Went out to lunch with mom. Picked Ashley up for school. Well, and all kinds of other not important things. But then, we left for columbus. We ate a the Cheesecake Factory. That was fun. BUT, the concert was awesome. I sang as loud as I could. Oh man, I cannot wait for the next one. It was so worth everything. It was electric. I just love Relient K and the concert did not alleviate my Relient K excitedness. I am on that high I get after concerts. It will last for several days.

So, at the concert, the bassist, Brian, played his very last show with the band. It was sad and sweet. Matty T. hugged him. The band gave him a chain saw, because one summer when they were on tour, Brian said he was going to go home and buy a chainsaw and just cut stuff up all weekend. That was great. And at one point Matty hit Brian in the butt. I just thought that was cool. I knew all the songs they sang (even the new ones) except for Penny Loafer because that was on the All Work and No Play Cd that is no longer for sale, and I have never heard it before. [Insert Sad Face Here]

Ahh, but it was beautiful. God, I love that band. And we all got CDs too. Wowness. Its weird becasue there are no silly songs on this cd like on the other ones, but that is just fine with me because the more serious songs were always my favorite. It has a nice mixture of slow and high energy songs. I really love both. Its awesome when a song is about God and really high energy at the same time. And I swear, there is something really sexy about a man screaming out to God. At the concert they sang the song Am I Understood and at the part at the end when they scream, "Your voice has broken my defense, let me embrace salvation." I thought, now that is sexy. And guitar and drum playing guys are hot too. But, thats not why I like Relient K, thats just a perk.

So on to a different subject. I got home at almost 1am and everyone was asleep. When I went upstairs I heard a tv. It was coming from the spare bedroom. There, sleeping on the loveseat, was my 22 year old brother, James. I decided he had probobly gotten himself into trouble again and began my late-night routine.

After school I took my brother all around Middletown picking up and dropping off job applications. He is indeed out of a place of residence. We went out to lunch and got some movies at blockbuster. Everywhere we went, he kept pointing out all the hot guys (oh, he is gay, by the way.) and it made me realize that I do not look at that sort of thing. I am more likely to pay attention to the guy with the long hair and glasses wearing a LOTR shirt in the sci-fi section of the video store. I don't like "hot" guys. I like nerd, geeks, or what have you. They are safer. And Smarter. And Funnier. And more like me.

Oh! I voted! And I did not vote for any of those candidates that did not have anyone running against them. That made me mad. Why even have a vote? Those freaks. Ah well.

Note to self: Watch the news.

Do you think we will know who our next president will be this evening? I can't tell. I'll just wait and see. And I will be glad when it is over.

Sigh. Relient K. Heres a quote from the new cd. " No I don't hate you, don't wanna fight you. Know I'll always love you, but right now I just don't like you." Sounds like me when I am mad.

Hope to see those eyes of yours soon.

Sarah Jo

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Anonymous said...

i/m glad that you had such a good time! i wish that i could've gone with you. next time they're in the area we'll have to go together :) have a good week!