Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Jesus- The Founder of Modern Business

Im really just wasting time because I do not want to do my homework. Im so tired of homework.

My brother, Christopher, got caught chewing tobacco. Stupid head. Whats wrong with him? He told me hes been chewing tobacco for a year now. Im so disappointed in him.

And. . .

I made chicken fried rice today and it did not taste so good. Eww, I had to touch raw chicken and everything. And all for crappy chicken fried rice. I don't cook so well. Eh. Who cares?

Umm, and I paid five dollars to join some poetry website where you submit poetry and people review it and stuff. Except its not even worth it because then you have to review 7 peoples poetry for each one poem you wish to submit and pay five dollars a month. Come on, I can post poetry on here for free. So what if no one reviews it. The people reviewing my poetry on that site are just people doing seven reviews so they can post a poem too. Stupid internet. I could have eaten lunch with that five dollars. . .

Well, my history exam was not bad today. After class, I took my mom to her mothers house and I visited Elisabeth in the process. When I left she said, "I love you Say-Ah!" and I said, " I love you, Elisabeth." So she says, "Then you stay all night with me?" and I said, "No honey, I have homework to do." And she says, "You do homework at my house in you bedroom" That just breaks my heart. I sure love that child. Sigh.

Ah yes, I must do the homework now. Gosh darn it.

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