Thursday, November 25, 2004

Probably The Best Sarah In The World.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I certainly won't admit that, and I'm mad too, weather everyone is on her side or mine. I am not her personal taxi, ready to do her bidding at any time of the day. We wouldn't even have this problem if dad would get her a car, well, I know that's a bad idea too. But, I just hate driving her around. She wants to go to Carlisle and Franklin and back to Middletown and just swing by here and stop by there and it will only take a minute but it always takes hours before the whole process is done. And she always uses her mother as an excuse to make me feel guilty, to goad me into it. But, we never just go to grandma's house. We go to Penny's and the Palace and Pauls and the bank and here and there and oh my gosh I just want to go home. And now she tries to make me feel guilty because I had the audacity to tell her no, god forbid. And its working. But come on, you just don't wake a person up and expect them to cheerfully do as you bid. Its okay for James and Chris to sleep in till two in the afternoon, but heaven forbid I sleep past ten o'clock. I only have one day of the week when I am off school, and then I have to work. So this day, this one day, I had no obligations that required me to rise from my bed, and then she wakes me up and asks me to drive her to grandma's. I tell her not right now, later. She goes on and on and on. My goodness, leave me alone, I just woke up, go away, just go away. And right now she is going on about how much she does for me and how I don't appreciate her and I treat her so badly and . . . Dad agrees. Huff. Just Huff. I would leave except there is no where for me to go after midnight. I feel trapped and angry and hurt. Why must there be this continuing guilt inducing drama fit? I HATE DRIVING HER AROUND! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. And I cannot wait until I can move away and live by myself with no people to worry about. Just leave me alone and go away. Go far, far, away.

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