Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Mmmm Scones

Today, I spent at least forty minutes sitting in a coffee shop just reading, drinking hot chocolate (because hot chocolate is for cool people) and eating a cinnamon chip scone, yummy. I was a beautiful, beautiful forty minutes. You should go there; it was called Java Johnnys and it is located in the same plaza as Capozzi's on central avenue. Or better yet, we could go together and we could sit and talk together over a couple of scones or biscotti, whatever your pleasure it. Yes, definitely soon.

and. . . there is this cool company called Neighborhoodies and I heart them. Its basically where you can design your own shirt or hoodie. It looks so fun. I want to get a couple. One is definitely going to say something about relient K, and the other will say something about me. But what should it say? Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe Geek Chick or abs(me) or some such. Im not completely sure, but suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What should I have written across my chest? Haha, okay, Ill let you think on that one.

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