Monday, November 29, 2004

Well, at least your breath smells good.

Yesterday I dressed up like an elf while at work. My manager was Santa Clause. We went out to the roadside and waved at people. I had the best time. Mr. Regensburg drove by, that was awesome. Fun times.

Eww, but today, I am sick. I do not like it much, but it will pass soon.

I got two estimates on my car today. One place said it would be $731 and the other place said $540. I need to get one more estimate and Ill send copies to the mad who hit me. Maybe he will pay. Maybe he won't.

Christopher has been suspended from school again. He drank an entire bottle of cologne on a dare. Idiot. I just don't know about him sometimes.

Yes, and that would be all the interesting things I have to say for the day.

Sarah Jo

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