Monday, November 15, 2004

Either its PMS or life sucks.

I've cried twice in two days, respectively, and I havent cried in a long while. First, my two pairs of "work" shoes (brown and black, of course) broke and I didnt have any money to buy new shoes or any shoes I could wear to work. Then, last night I went into the bathroom [Insert something graphic here] in the bathtub and I was completely disgusted. Stupid older brother. Cant he rinse the bathtub out? Consequently, mom bleached the bathtub this evening.

Then, I had to cut my brothers off from the internet because Christopher didn't pay his half of the bill, and my mother goes through the trouble of finding my hidden key to plug the internet back in so she could play yahoo games in Chris' room. I decide to then abolish the practice of key-hiding, as well as revoke the key I gave to my father to lock in the safe (in case I locked myself out of my room) Im going to put all my eggs in one basket (or all my keys on one ring) because its easier to protect one basket from the wolves. ANYWAY. . . I come up to my room and notice that someone has carved away the area around my doornob, making it easy to break into my room with a credit card. Why do I even try? Cant people just leave my things alone and stop stealing things? And I think that if everyone else in the house wants to use the internet, everyone else should help pay the bill, you know? I just feel so violated! How long has the door been like that? Whats wrong with me locking my room? Which brother had the nerve to carve away at my door? Oh my gosh, I need prozac.

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your unmocking spoof said...

i pray for your doors durability.
as well as the durability of your sanity.