Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things I notice (about several different people) :

You are usually on my left side.
I know exactly when we last spoke. And you don't.
Sometimes you say the nicest things to me and I don't know why.
You get passionate about something all of a sudden and then two weeks later you don't care.
The things that upset you I don't understand.
I see you trying to decide the best thing to say.
You want me in your life but keep pushing me away.
When I say I want something you immediately respond.
I laugh more around you than anyone else.
I don't like it when you change our plans. Or don't make plans with me at all.
You only seem to remember how much you love me when I'm in the room.
I'm always nervous because you keep finding things wrong with me.
Some people are much easier to be around.
I used to be more comfortable with you than I am now.
I forgot how much you make me smile. And how silly we can be.
I'm going to keep forgiving you for things you don't even know.
I get the feeling you don't want to talk to me at all.
I don't miss you.
I miss you all the time. Especially right when I leave.
It has been almost a year and you still make me feel sick to my stomach.
It has been more than a year and somehow, we are friends again.
It has been about a year and you became a big part of my life.
There is always something wrong with you.
And you never tell me the whole truth.
And I see you pushing my buttons, even when you think I don't.
I'm starting to see what she meant.
It really does take me a very long time to see people clearly.
You didn't hug me when I came in.
There are always going to be things we just don't talk about, aren't there?
I absolutely love you and I can't say it.
Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I never met you. It might have been better. I can't say that either.

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