Thursday, April 01, 2010

My room looks funny all full of boxes.

We are moving this weekend. I talked my parents into getting an apartment. Since my brother moved out we have this empty bedroom. We don't use any of the yard or the dining room or the living room or the garage. All this wasted space. They said they didn't want to live in an apartment. Too noisy, they said. I tried different tactics. The one that finally worked? I asked how much the rent was here. Then I told them the average price for rent in an apartment in town. We are moving this weekend.

I'm excited about living someplace else. We have always moved frequently. I start to feel antsy when we live one  place too long. Shouldn't we be moving on now? And I don't like living outside of town. It feels like I am wasting so much gas and time driving there and back every day. It isn't very green. I can walk to the grocery from our new apartment. I can bike other places.

Oh! Maybe my internet connection will work better!

I'm going on a bike ride today. Maybe two. I'm meeting a friend for lunch today but I have time for a short ride first and a long ride later. My dad fixed the brake. Last weekend at the beginning of what turned out to be a  50 mile ride, I discovered my front brake was getting stuck on. And my chain was starting to squeak. Dad fixed that. Hooray!

I have triangles on the backs of my hands that are slightly tanner and more freckled. My biking gloves have triangle openings that line up perfectly to these areas. Yes, I have biking gloves. Yes, I am cool like that. I should go ride now!

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