Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do you ever wonder if someone could read your mind?

I like happy, unexpected things. And they seem to be happening quite frequently lately. Like the lady who brought me a flower and chocolates because she thought I was nice. Or the visit from Krystal today at work with my favorite flavor Gatorade and a smile. (That kind of makes it sound like she was naked, doesn't it?)

After work I was going to go do something active but Jeremy texted me and asked what I was doing tonight which usually means he isn't doing anything. Eventually I ended up at his house for an impromptu fire on the back porch. I was in my workout tank and shorts which turned out to be far too little clothing even for a very good fire. You can only warm half your body at a time. But Jeremy lent me his jacket. Again.

I like it when he smokes his pipe. I didn't like the cigars very much. He looked cool doing it but I thought they smelled...tolerable. I like the smell of his pipe and how cool he looks doing it.

And tomorrow I'm going running with the boys. I told him I wouldn't be able to keep up. That I couldn't run a mile and a half without stopping. He doubts my claims. I would love to prove him right. Would love to run that whole loop without ever slowing down. But... I can bike for fifty miles. And I can hike for hours. But I cannot run that far without stopping. That isn't me being modest or insecure. I know my body. And my body can't do that right now. I haven't trained at all for running for months and months. He'll see.

In other news, I am terrible at keeping my mouth shut.

Also, my dad says, "Figure out what you want and then do what you can to get it. That is all you can do in life."

I think I know what I want. But that seems to change by the minute. Horrible for planning purposes.

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