Monday, April 05, 2010

It is like that mosquito bite you forgot about but now you remember and you really, really want to scratch it.

So anyway, we don't have electricity at the moment. However, I do have my Netbook with 8 hours of battery left and stolen wireless internet from one of my many neighbors. At least I don't feel disconnected. One of my friends has a blog called What Sucks Wednesdays. It isn't Wednesday, but you know what sucks? Realizing that it is never going to be all okay. There are always going to be those horrible things you didn't expect. Or the things you thought were over coming back to you. Of course, there will always be the good things too.

For instance . . .

I was standing in the middle of my bedroom this afternoon letting things sink in. I was trying to decide if I would spend the night here in the dark or go sleep someplace else. I was gauging the amount of sunlight left. I was trying not to get upset. I had decided to stay here tonight but that I would leave for as long as possible to avoid boredom. The prospects were Kidd Coffee, the park, or Chipotle. I needed food. I wanted someplace with internet. So there I stood when my phone beeped. It was Jeremy inviting me over for dinner.

Jeremy couldn't possibly have known at that point what was going on with me. He told me later that he had read my twitter about my plans for tonight being canceled and that was why he messaged me. But my plans were canceled early in the afternoon. For unrelated reasons. So, I know he didn't do it on purpose, but he gave me exactly what I needed and I didn't even have to ask. Didn't have to tell. I really appreciated that. I'm not so good at asking for things and even worse at accepting things offered so I guess it was best for me that he invited me over because he wanted to see me and not because I needed a place to go.

Eventually, I came home to a house lit with candles and the windows are all open so a nice breeze is blowing through and somehow the water and water heater still work so it isn't really so bad. Obviously not ideal, but not horrible as it could be. However, there is another kink. Mom and Dad sold the stove from the old house today because we couldn't bring it with us. I'm pretty sure they used some of that money for drugs. I know the no electricity thing is not entirely caused by lack of money, and the part that is caused by lack of money could never be fixed with the stove money, but I find it very upsetting that we don't have power and my parents are HIGH. Where are the priorities again?

Lets talk about something else.

Christine corrected me today. I said, "I gave some very explicit instruction on how to make my drink and yet somehow they managed to do it wrong." She told me I used explicit wrong, that I must mean "implicit". She said explicit referred to inappropriate lyrics. I told her explicit was when something was absolutely clear, spelled out, detailed in a way that is easily understood. Implicit is implied. When actions or words or situations suggest something without actually saying so. She disagreed. Instead of arguing further I went to the office and printed out the definitions of both words and placed it on her workstation. I was right. Ahem.

I had a good time tonight. Jeremy had been drinking at Billy's. I like him when he has been drinking. Well, I like him almost all the time but I appreciate the difference. I don't think I would like him if he was intoxicated all the time. That is something I only need to see on the occasional basis.

I forgot something tonight. I said something about Jeremy snoring. He said he didn't snore. I said there was no way I should know that. How would I know that? He said we have slept in the same room before. My mind searched over the last year. I slept in the same hotel room with him in Nashville but that room had a bedroom and a sitting room and I slept on the couch and he was in the bedroom. I stayed all night at his house a few times last summer but I always stayed in the guest room. I said again, I had never slept in the same room as him, had I? He gave me that look like I was missing something obvious and he couldn't say it out loud because other people would hear. Oh. Oh. Right. I told him. You don't snore.

Dang it! But I walked right into THAT one.

I hope the power is on tomorrow.

Moving hurts. My muscles are sore all over. It makes it hard to sleep. But I'm very tired. I'm going to go brush my teeth in the dark and try not to think about things I had finally, finally managed to forget about.

Dang it.

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partnersxinxcrime said...

i'm going to start saying "explicit" more often.