Saturday, March 06, 2010

What do you want to be?

Do you want to be a day of my week? I may not know what is going on the rest of the week but the one day, that day is always for you. We could have a routine. Or it could be a new adventure every week. Always, always on my schedule. A thing I don't even consider going without.

Or we could be occasional friends. We hang out maybe once a week. Or once every other week. Whenever something is going on. Whenever we are both free. We don't need to talk everyday. We don't need to know every detail. We keep up with the big things. We stay in touch.

Maybe that isn't enough. What do you want to be? Do you want to be the one I text everyday. Good morning. How are you. What are you up to today? One day a week doesn't feel like enough but a few texts make it okay. Maybe I can see you twice this week. Several times. We go on trips together. I tell you everything. You do the same with me. We know each others schedule. When something goes wrong, you can be my person. When I have good news I tell you and two other people. One of my best friends.

Too much? We could talk and be friendly when we run into one another. We have the same friends. I see you when we are in group settings. We don't really talk much outside of that. The occasional text for specific questions. I really enjoy being around you but we aren't the kind of friends that hang out together alone. We are friends when we are in the same room. And thats enough.

Still too much? We don't see each other. We used to be friends. But stuff happened. It happens that way sometimes. We would talk if we ran into each other somewhere. But really, that doesn't happen often. We don't have the same friends anymore. We aren't in the same social circle. The things that held us together have dissolved and we are barely acquaintances. Really just echoes of a thing that was. Over.

What do you want to be to me?

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