Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I enjoy bein' a girl. (Sometimes)

I actually came home at a decent hour tonight. Lately I have been coming home in time to take off my clothes and climb into bed with my make-up still on (which feels really gross in the morning, by the way.)

I'm gonna talk about girl stuff now. Be warned.

I started feeling sad and what I call "grumpy" around the end of work for absolutely no reason. I searched my mind for what might be making me feel this way and realized that there was no reason. The thing I thought I was upset about was no thing at all. After work I went to the gym and sat in my car staring at the steering wheel. I didn't want to go in. I wanted to go home and cancel my plans and mope around my bedroom and feel sad about things. That is when I decided that it was most definitely hormones. And I think it was the first time I realized that while in the middle of the feelings. So I went into the gym.

I wanted to stop. I was about ten minutes into my treadmill walk thing and called Ashley to distract me from the slow, slow timer and my grumpy feelings. She really helped. She redefined my mood as "whiny" which was actually much more accurate. After my work out and phone call and cliff bar I was feeling friendly again just in time for Johnna.

I'm just saying that it is inconvenient enough to have to have fluids leaking from me for five days, I don't know why I have to deal with things like irrational feelings and sore body parts before it all begins. So unfair.

It just made me so angry to know that what I was feeling had absolutely no grounding in what was going on in my life. Sometimes (or a lot of times) I'm really sensitive and worry about things too much and over-analyze and generally feel too much in reaction to things that are going on. But at least that is in response to something actually happening. Not this, "I just feel sad today" business. What is that about? Grrr.

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As time goes by said...

I think you were overanalyzing your feelings chica. :)It is what it is