Monday, March 01, 2010

Sometimes I spell "disappointed" so wrong spell check has no idea what I meant.

I've been to the gym nearly every day for the last week. I think I need new shoes. My toes and the skin on my feet hurt from rubbing inside my shoes. I've been working out hardcore!

I did a lot of screen watching today. I watched spartacis with Jeremy and then we watched Much Ado About Nothing. We were supposed to have a group movie date and that didn't happen. I was pretty disappointed. Normally I'm just fine with having more time with just Jeremy, but I miss group time. I miss doing something different. I miss going places and doing stuff. I don't like this routine of just sitting down and watching stuff together.

Johnna and I went to dinner and to the movies to see the Crazies. It was good. I was wishing there was a man there who would be properly unafraid and I could hide my face behind his shoulder. But it was Johnna and I cowering together. That was cute too.

We discussed how much we want a Person. And we both have the longing for companionship as well as just someone to touch. Sit next to. Hold hands. Cuddle with. Kiss. I didn't think about any of these things before. Now I have to about sit on my hands and concentrate when I'm around certain people. Ahem. That sounds just about awful. That is what the truth looks like, kids.

It doesn't hurt to type anymore. I think I'll end this post with that disappointed, hoping feeling. That's where I am.

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