Monday, March 15, 2010

I like to cook things and feed people.

I hate making my bed. Sometimes I will stay up later just to avoid it. I mean the part where I put on the clean sheets. I don't actually make my bed in the morning. That seems like a waste to me. I'm just going to mess it up again that night. It isn't like cleaning dishes. You have to do that after you use it. But making my bed doesn't make it any better or cleaner or more pleasant or anything really. It just looks neater. And I don't really care about how it looks. My leopard print flannel sheets should be exposed in all their glory underneath the brown down comforter.

Anyway. I'll be back after I make my bed, though you'll notice no lapse in time.


Tonight Jaylene and I had plans to hang out. The plans ended up being cooking together at my house. We were going to make an angel hair sun-dried tomato feta pasta stuff together and she was making chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes and I was making better than sex cake and I also had honey/oat/wheat/flaxseed/almond bread in the bread machine. The kitchen was BUSY. And about 15 minutes into prep, with squash and zucchini all chopped up, with water boiling on the stove, with cake batter all mixed up, with the bread rising in the machine, the power went out. We packed up everything and moved to Paul's kitchen. This being a boys apartment, we had to bring EVERYTHING we needed to cook. Pots, pans, spatula, strainer, everything necessary to do anything. They had plastic forks and paper plates. And wooden spoons.

But I think the move made everything much, much better. Because we made enough pasta to feed about 8 people and with the boys showing up at the apartment we got to feed 6. And I like group time even when I don't really know everyone in the group.

I really, really miss group time. Of course, this wasn't the group I've been missing. But I don't think there is much chance of that particular group happening again. Can't turn back time, I guess.

Today was fun. And it reminded me that I have so many people around me that will keep me from being alone. Sundays aren't my least favorite day of the week anymore.

And I worked out hardcore today. And yesterday too. People at the gym keep coming up to me and asking me about weight loss. Congratulating me. Being so uplifting. I have to keep losing. People are WATCHING  me. So that better than sex cake is going to work tomorrow. It isn't staying in my house. I like to cook new things and feed people. I don't like junk food being in my house. And people are a lot more willing to try the angel hair pasta that is chock full of zucchini, squash, spinach,  and feta when they know they get chocolate something-or-other afterwards. They seemed to like it. Who knows?

I like my friends. And I'm glad there are many of them. That part where I spent way-too-much-freaking-time with one or two of the same people left me feeling lost when they aren't around. I'm still reeling. Trying to find my new center of gravity. Trying to figure out how to stop thinking about them so much.

I got in the tanning bed today and got a sunburn. Oops.

My tired mind is going all over the place. This is what I do. But now my bed is made and the hour is late and I'm sleepy. Tomorrow will be DDR. Last night was dancing with wii Just Dance and jumping on the trampoline. See, I'm everywhere. Goodnight!

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