Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursdays with Joanie

Christopher found my coat. It was under my bed. And when he found it he said, "Sarah Jo" and shook his head exactly the same way Robbie did when I wouldn't get on the roller coaster. I'm beginning to see a trend where my middle name is only used in moments of exasperation or extreme amusement. What could it mean?

And I thought I wanted everyone to call me Sarah Jo. So, I decided I had better start introducing myself as such, but then I just can't. I want my friends to call me Sarah Jo, not random people I just met. You can meet Sarah, but it may take awhile for you to know Sarah Jo. Okay, so I know this just got a little weired. And saying my name in my head so many times is making it sound funny.

That guy in class this morning was really nice. You know the one I mean. And cute too, but that's not the important part. The important part was him knowing who the heck Relient K is and the permanent-seeming smile. We should mix things up more often, because talking to new people is fun.

Hehe. I was just remembering about the time we had a field trip in science class to uh, Trammel Fossil Park? It was cold outside so we went inside the building that was nearby while we waited for our professor to show up. The guys that worked inside kept walking by curiously, probably wondering why there were a dozen giggling teenage girls in the lobby. Finally, someone important-looking came and asked if we needed help. After a moment of confusion we realized that we were in a private office building. The man was nice and said we could wait inside as long as we needed. We giggled more and guys kept walking by . . . Anyway, who would have thought to read the big sign right in front of the building?

Why am I anticipating work in the morning? Eh, it could be SO much worse.

Sarah Jo

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