Sunday, October 30, 2005


I've been fighting with You all day
this argument wont go away
and I'm not giving in
You're asking for too much
too soon
and I'm not even sure of You
It takes all my self-control
not to run away
and now You want change me
just when I was happy
I'm pretty sure I'm happy
aren't I happy?
But You promise better things
like being so close to You
and knowing You
and seeing You
all I have to do
is give in
give it all up
all these things
these temporary things
that won't mean anything anyway
You win
I'm giving up everything
that means anything to me
because I want You to be
everything thing to me
and already, I worry
What will You do with me?
Do You really know what I need?
Can You really make me happy?
Just You, just me?
I guess that's what they call
Can You help me with that?
Will You help me with everything?
because suddenly
I need You.

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