Monday, October 10, 2005

And it took me six tries to type my name correctly

Apparently this isn't any less distracting than being at home. This being school. I was surprised to find that The Jug/Java Johnny's now has a trailer set up in the quad area. Its nice that they finally brought in some method to feed us, because those vending machines just weren't cutting it. These keys click really loudly. It makes me want to type fast just so everyone can hear me. I'm so vain. Hehe. Except I don't have much to say and I have plenty of reading to do for pyschology. Four chapters by next Tuesday. I've had all semester to do this, stupid procrastination. Here I go again.

Darn it.

And Amber (my brothers gf) got a dog, and since she sort of lives with us they both think that the dog is going to live with us too. I don't think so. No way. Animals smell and make me sneeze and and and get fleas and sit on the furniture and drool all over you and get hair all over everything. No way. But of course, I have no authority in the house and no one cares what I think. Because apparently its all right for my little brother to smoke and cus and sleep with his girlfriend and drive without a license, all without so much as a word from my parents. So what difference does a dog make, really?

Okay, okay. I'm grumpy but I'm done complaining.
For now.

Sarah Jo

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Ashes said...

Grr! She has a dog! It kinda makes me mad that she's at your house all the time anyways and now she wants to bring a dog over? I don't even live there and that makes me mad. I thought your dad doesn't like animals? You could always say that your allergic and that you don't want to be sneezing and coughing in your own home! Well I'll see you tomarrow!Love ya