Thursday, December 30, 2004

Orions belt on my left knee.

So I walk into my bedroom tonight and my first thought is: mmm, my room still smells like my candle (that I got at target. It's black and it says "sandalwood" is the scent, but it smells like guy perfume and that's yummy) and then to my horror I realize that I left my candle burning the whole time I was at work! I could have burned the house down. Yeah, I feel stupid.

My fingers and toes are cold. That reminds me of my senior picture where you can see my toes and they are all curled up because the lady made me stick my toes out and I didn't want to because I don't like feet. But, that turned out to be my favorite picture because it is so real, my fake smile and curled-up toes. Memories, ah.

I read this again today and it made me smile. As I read it, I thought of who I wrote each line for. It made me happy (I almost wrote hoppy) to think about all the people I love and why I love them. I should say that more, and hug more too because hugs are awesome.

I cleaned my room and now I feel all . . . well, the way I feel when my room is clean. Theres not a word. I feel content and more comfortable when all the clutter is gone, and the feeling you get after you finish a big project you were procrastinating on, and the feeling you get when you come home after being gone for a long time.

I feel like my brain has turned to sludge. Am I thinking slower or something? I need to do something challenging to get all those circuts firing again. I feel like a car that hasn't been turned on for a long time.

Today I watched the movie, Code 46. There is a man in the movie and he says, "Tell me anything about yourself, anything at all." and from that he can know anything about you, and he would know what everyone was thinking. I sure wish someone could know what I was thinking. Well, maybe not. It would be nice and horrible at the same time, I think.

I sure like pink.

And my fingers are still cold.

Right now I am trying to decide which pajamas to wear tonight. I really like my pajamas, all of them. I think I'll wear the moons and stars. Not that this matters to you at all.

Today, I wore the pearls I got in China. It made me feel pretty.

I'm so very happy, right now. I wish you could be here with me and I could hug you and then you could feel my happiness too. I always think that if I could transfer my emotions to you, a hug would be the best way.

I thought I lost my robot city books, and then I found them. Surprise!

The quality of this entry decreases with each new line.

I love you.

Sarah Jo

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