Sunday, December 19, 2004

I dreamt I was a figure skater.

It feels so strange to be in the minority. People gawk at us in the streets and beggars flock to us. I guess that because we are americans, we are rich or something. Shopkeepers leave their shops to try to coax us inside. People take our pictures. This is all so strange to me.

Right now I am enjoying a good cup of hot chocolate. I miss milk though. I cannot drink the milk here, its not pasturized. Oh, and ice. Never thought I would miss ice.

I do try to take everything in. I go on every outing offered us. Why would I come all the way to china to sit in the hotel?

Today I bought a jade necklace for 380 yuan. I thought it was worth it. Our cooridinator, Genie, says jade is supposed to protect you from harm. I shall wear it until I get home.

I have been sitting here in the cafe for far too long. Time to shop some more! I find I do not get so homesick if I keep myself busy, and that I shall do.

Still missing you.
Sarah Jo

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