Monday, December 06, 2004

Describing the color of my snot to a man with letters at the end of his name.

And now Im one some uber strong antibiotics because apparently I have a sinus infection. Eww. AND, if I have a fever when we reach China I will not be permitted to deplane.

In other news, what other news? All I think or talk about is China. My gosh. I have one more exam, and one more night in my bed, but not in that order. Ill sure miss my bed. And you of course, but I sleep with my bed every night. . .

You think theyll have internet cafes where I can write to you in China? I sure hope so. Two weeks without blogging? That sounds like a sin.

Im excited and nervous and stressed and over-studied and tired and sick and behind schedule. This is a pretty sucky goodbye.


your unmocking spoof said...

you can blog on paper if all else fails!

Anonymous said...

SLAVERY JO!!! GOOD LUCK in ASIIIAAA! I'm dedicating you a post on my livejournal, but I know you'll have an awesome time.....laois, racheleve