Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"Pickles should be friends, not lovers."

I got a new duvet cover on eBay! Go look at it! AND. . . with my Christmas dinero, I got the Harry Potter books and Movies, my daddy got me the LOTR books, um. . . others include: the Giver (book), Much ado about nothing (movie), The Fifth Element (cus I'm a crazy wierdo who has to watch it like, once a month. (Oh yeah, thank you SO much Ashley darling)), and one very fluffy, very warm and comfy, down comforter. Oh my gosh, like I need more incentive to stay in bed. And I just remembered I got two new outfits from the Bug, but thats too girly and typical for me to go into (but they are awesome cute) Ahem.

*Is Happy*

And I got to just hug Emilie for ever and ever the last few days, and I missed her mucho.

No luggage yet, but I assume it still exists and that I will have it eventually, and thats enough for me.

I dreamt about a black hole.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be getting dressed.
Excuse me.

Sarah Jo

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