Wednesday, December 29, 2004

That story about Rachel Evil calling sound-off.

Random: I was at the Frisches in Springboro (I go there like, once every four or five weeks) and I see my best friend from seventh and eighth grade in the parking lot. She lives in Indiana, where she is going to college, so consequently; she is only in Ohio because it is Christmas. What are the chances? I do not know. I only know that I didn't even recognize her. I was walking through the parking lot with Ashley, telling her some story that involved me talking with a country accent when I noticed some woman staring at me. I just started talking quieter, assuming she was staring because of the way I was talking. It did not phase me much anyway, being used to people staring at me in China. Then the woman says, "Is your name Sarah?" I look at her suspiciously and reply, "Yes." I look from her to the woman she was with, back to her. Lightbulb! Happiness and other things and wow.

I would like to thank vegetable soup for this wonderful encounter.

Sarah Jo

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your unmocking spoof said...

That is certainly a 'wow' moment.
I'm happy it happened to you ^^