Monday, September 26, 2005

You have the most amazing eyes.

Wow, I had so many short posts there for awhile. I do have a lot to say, but they haven't been things you would want to hear about. Like, the general girly stuff, "Guess what _______ did/said today? Does that mean he likes me? You should see his smile, and those eyes of his. . . " Blah. Blah. Blah. And then more ranting about Relient K having a new video out or seeing live music at the coffee shop. Or my dads car getting vandalized this time. Or I cant wait to go to the concert, or the "road trip." These things I talk about all the time.

I decided I'm not a very good listener. Or at least not a good enough listener, so I'll try harder from now on. I feel like I do more talking than listening. Of course, this is my own personal space to rant, rave, babble, and so on, so I will.

I have class at seven and I don't like this class. I was seriously considering skipping it but then I would feel guilty about it for a week. I can never do anything wrong, even if its not really wrong. But anyway, Im just wasting time until class starts.

Happy thought: there will be live music at Kidd Coffee Friday AND Saturday this week. Fun times. Maybe I'll go both days. Saturday I went by myself to find that there was no music at all. It wasn't a total loss as I did get an orange creamsicle and I got to say hi to Robbie and Jena.

You know what? I really value purity. I don't cuss, smoke, or drink. I've never even held hands or kissed anyone. And I'm not saying I wont hold hands or kiss people I'm not married to, but my kisses wont be cheap, they won't be given away to just anyone. You see, I see my purity as a gift I am storing up for my future husband. And I hope that he is doing the same for me. And anyway, it just really. . . I'm looking for a word, annoys? me when people act like my purity is a handicap, or fault or something. GRRRR. My future husband will think its special, not something to deal with. I think I'll stop talking about this because I get more upset the more I think about it. *deep breath*

And while I'm complaining. . . one thing that I don't like is when people say they are going to do something and then they don't. I don't care if its big or small. If you cant seem to handle the little things, why should I trust you with the big things? Don't tell me you will do this or that if you don't plan on doing it.

Im done with the negative.

Hey, if you think something nice about someone, you should tell them, it would make them feel good and it wouldn't cost you anything at all. I'm definitely going to try that one. The only time I feel strange about doing that is when people smell nice or they have pretty eyes, I don't know why, but those just seem like weird things to say to people. But I'll try.

Okay now, its time for me to go get my frapp before class.

God bless you
(I love you?)

Sarah Jo


Ashes said...

something nice hmm... I Love your company. we can have intelligent conversations and well... not so intelligent conversations! I also love that you smile a lot.

Sarah Jo said...

Aww, thanks Ash!