Friday, September 30, 2005

Its not fair that you can spell out double you but not "H". Ach? Aych?

So basically Im just writing so that blasted picture will get the heck off the top of the page. What should I tell you tonight?

I had hot chocolate today between classes and it warmed my soul, or at least my mouth. Instead of "soul" I typed "sould", and I do that nearly everytime. I guess its becuase its a lot like "should" or something. . .

I cant wait for next weekend, and the next. I'm probobly going to not appreciate the time until then as much as I should.

I havent done my homework for days. It isnt going to be any fun trying to catch up.

Well, this isnt very interesting for you or me. Maybe I could tell a secret. Wait, do I know any secrets? And if I did, it wouldnt be very nice to tell it over the internet. I know, I'll make something up. (Jaqueline has a crush on Sergio) Now who the heck are Jaqueline and Sergio? You should make a story for them and tell me. Thats your homework. If you dont do it. . . there is absolutely no negative consequence, but how would you feel about yourself?

Sarah Jo

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