Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is what happens when I leave out the structure:

I want to SING. La, la, la. I thought I could, and I know I would if I had the courage to be brave. I know your name and see your face. La, la, la, la. Im just making it up as I go along. I would sing you the sweetest of songs. . .

I wish I could play the piano. In music class today we wrote a short melody as a class. It was so cool. And it was pretty. I want to write music. Its like I have all this song in me and no outlet for it. Of course, talent would be a major consideration and I'm pretty sure I lack the necessary creative abilities and music reading skills. Anyway. . . that will be my make-believe when-I-grow-up dream.

Consume me
I want to be consumed by you
take me
I want to be taken with you
let everything that I am
be everything that you are
and tell me what to do
tell me what to say
for my words aren't enough
I'm never enough
never without you
and let me breathe you
tie me up and bind me with you
hold me
closer and closer and closer
never let me run away
I'll do as you say

So that wasn't planned. It doesn't feel done either. I think I'll call it Captive.
Now I've run out of things to say and it feels strange posting a poem so naked, but I want to post it because its exactly how I'm feeling right now. And sleepy. Definitely sleepy.

Sarah Jo

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