Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Have you had sex with a man who's had sex with a man before 1980?

I just read some random article about understanding how things you value affect your happiness, and it listed things like curiosity, social contact, acceptance, order, honor, power, tranquility, romance, ect. . . . and it defined each term. It defined romance as pursuing or having sex. What is wrong with the world? Geez.

At the blood drive today the lady kept wiggling the needle around in my arm and now I have this unreasonably large hole in my skin.

My dad actually liked the music I played in the car today.

I'm sleepy.

"The grass is greener over the septic tank" Yeah, someone said that today.

So fed ex says my shirt will be here tomorrow. I'm much excited.

I'm really liking The Wedding. "My strength is not determined by never messing up, but that every time that I fall down is one more time that I will get back up"


Ashes said...

If your shirt makes it tomorrow then you should wear it Thurday so I can see it! I ordered two pairs of jeans from fashionbug.com and I'm expecting them Friday or Saturday! yayness.
Misty is going to have a birthday party for me and her on saturday night, and she invited my best friend from HS that I haven't seen since graduation. I'm much excited! Thanks for the brownies they were very good. Well see you Thursday hopefully with a new shirt! Love you

your unmocking spoof said...

Well thats proof I needed...about the relationship thing. I thought something was fishy about people and their ideas.

We'll figure something out to help change that.