Saturday, March 12, 2005

You'll never guess who Joe and Henry are!

Last night was great fun. Katy was home for the weekend, so I went to see Hitch with her, Ashley J., and Abby and Lilly. Then, we went to applebees. It felt so refreshing just to be with friends. I never realize how much I miss people until I see them. I realized that with my friends I can talk about things that I dont discuss with my parents, like God. And it. . . I needed that. I needed it. And they agree with me on things that make me feel so isolated sometimes. Erm, I cant really communicate it very well, so I won't.

Tonight, Madison decided to name several of my body parts. It was amusing, but I won't go into detail. I will say that some of the names were Penelope, Lucinda, Regis, Kathy, Alex, Joe, Henry, and Sally.

Hey did you know that Sally is a nickname for Sarah? Why?

So, goodnight,

Sally Jo (I guess)

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