Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sarah Jo, straight from the filter.

I like the movie Waterworld, it warms my heart.
Why do I have a dozen pens that don't write?
My new obsession is how much whiter my teeth could be.
I don't like to floss, it hurts. Stupid close-together teeth.
I joined a team for relay for life and now I must sell things.
You really shouldn't smoke, its bad for you.
I'm stressed out about the schedule making.
Spring break is next week and I do not have to work.
My room is always either too cold or too hot.
Mmm, I love the smell of clean laundry.
I think I'll watch the episode of Extreme Makover: Home Edition that I made my dad tape for me.
On my pajamas, teddy bears are having a pillow fight.
I have a purple rubber-like bracelet that says "Hope" on it.
I decided Beethovens fifth symphony sounds like Genesis.
I have a plethora of yellow paper on my desk and I don't particularly care for yellow.
I make lists and never follow them.
One of those sheets says "106.5" and I don't remember why.
I store my digital camera in a white sock with purple heels and toes.
I like being by myself, but not for very long.
My mommy made me lunch today.
I hope James moves out soon, I don't enjoy his company at all.
I think I've said enough, although I did not say what I wanted to say at all.
I wonder what your thinking, there on the other side of the screen?
Don't you think your teeth could be a little whiter too?

Sarah Jo

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