Saturday, March 05, 2005

It involves cutting off one of your fingers. Still interested?

I've been spending way too much time on the internet. I did get some homework done though, and way before it was due! And that's all I've got for progress.

I'm feeling disappointed right now, but I can't tell you why without telling you something embarrassing, so I'll just leave it at being disappointed.

Last night we had a sleepover with the girls. Ashley painted the fingernails and toenails, because I'm handicapped in the area of all things cosmetic. If I had tried to paint those miniature nails of theirs, I would've gotten the whole appendage covered in sparkly red polish. Not so good. So I just watched, amused. Those girls sure are something else.

I played Barbies with Kaitlynn and Elisabeth. Kaitlynn just kind of shook hers and kissed it every once in a while, much to my amusement. Elisabeth decided her Barbie was Mommy and mine was a "sister." So she told my barbie when to wake up, go to school, go to bed, ect. She was yelling the whole time and I said to her, "Elisabeth, I'm right here; you don't need to yell" and she says, "Sarah, mommies yell." LOL!

I always have so much fun in math class, and today was no exception. Kaitlin and I always have a great time talking and laughing instead of listening. (Note: Kaitlynn does not equal Kaitlin) Today we were talking about Sue Johanson, if you understand. If you do not understand, we still talked about Sue Johanson. Very funny times.

I heart Ellen. Have you seen her talkshow?

I'm really tired just now and not in a terribly good mood. So, instead of sharing, I think I'll just go away.

Love you,
Sarah Jo

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your unmocking spoof said...

thanks for clearing up the the whole kat vs. kat thing. I was wondering how a young'un was going to your college class...

I like the url for this post.
its (blogger stuff bladdy blah) /it-involves-cutting-off-on-of-your.html
it leaves one guessing as to what is supposed to be cut off...