Friday, March 18, 2005

*Girl Moment*

This morning I could not talk my mother into walking with me, so I went all by myself. I saw *him* on the way to the park. Sigh. Um, oh yes, clear thoughts. I have to take James to court for possession today. Stupid boy. Do you know he still goes out and parties and gets drunk every weekend? I just want to say, "HELLO, JAMES! Do you want to go to jail?" Whatever. Anyway, my mother promised me that she would walk with me if I drove James to court, and so far they have both resolved to sleep until its time to go. I guess we will walk this evening.

I feel better after walking, like I'm doing something good for myself. But I don't much like doing it by myself. I'm not used to be silent for that long, ha ha. No, its just a nice way to spend time with someone. Its better and cheaper than a movie. In a movie, you just sit next to a person and not talk the whole time. I like to go to movies with people I talk to a lot, because then we are not missing out on anything. But if its a person I never see or talk to, I want to see and talk to them, not sit next to them.

I'm listening to that song over and over again. My favorite part is:
"I'll analyze the world and all it's people
concluding everyone is evil
I know
I have my faults
but I'd so much rather look at yours
and pretend I have none at all
But who am I kidding anyway?"

and the part where he says:
"I say if this is you, then woe is me" because on "me" his voice is just beautiful.

I know you do not want to read the 1001 reasons I like Matthew Theissen, but I just want to say one more thing. The songs he writes have a way of saying exactly what I feel, when I am unable to.

Alright, time to wake Mom and James up. *rolls eyes* Its 1:30 for goodness sake.

Sarah Jo

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Ashes said...

Anytime you want to walk call me! I think it is fun.