Monday, March 28, 2005

I think I'll read that vampire book next.

I'm weak, I did take a nap and I have no idea when grass was found in the fossil record. But I promise, it was my first nap in ages.

Book club tomorrow night. Fun stuff.

And I hope the sun shines and the rain stops so that I can go on a walk in the park. That makes me think, if life was, as they say, "a walk in the park", I would always be going in circles and never getting anywhere. Yes, yes, I know what the saying really means.

Well, Christopher wants to watch a movie with me and I think we could use some sibling bonding time. We've been very distant this last, oh, year. We used to be so close. . .
I think we are watching some move with Jet Li in it, joy of joys. I don't enjoy fighting movies but I he asked me to watch it with him. Goodnight all.

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