Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"She likes you Wednesday. . ."

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I'll do when I transfer to Oxford. I know that this will not happen until the fall of 2006, but I do like to plan ahead (really ahead, in this case.) I think I want to live on campus when the time comes. Of course, I will probably change my mind a million times before then, but right now this is what I'm leaning towards. If I did live on campus I would want to live in a single or in apartment style housing. I have a few reasons for that. First, I just don't like the thought of having to drive to Oxford and back to Middletown everyday. I don't like driving that much, I get lost, and my car likes to break frequently. Second, (And I didn't get distracted this time) I want to get the whole college experience. I want to meet new people and be around teenagers. Third, I want to be more independent. Mostly I think, though, I like changing where I live. When I was younger, we moved all the time. I like to move. Lets move! I told my mom that I wanted to live on campus; she wasn't happy. I told her I wouldn't have to if we moved. Haha. But, to be real, I probably will never live on campus. I enjoy spending time with my family far too much to move away from them when it isn't necessary. I'll grow up and move out eventually.

Last night I dreamt I was at school or something and I kept running into this guy I like with his girlfriend. If only I had dreams like Rhianon, however you spell it. (I'm pretty sure that Ashley C. Is the only one how is going to get that one.)

Yesterday my mom found some candy I had hidden and forgotten about. It was a plastic heart filled with my favorite candy that my parents had gotten me for valentines day. I had hidden it so the boys wouldn't eat it. Heh. They didn't eat it. Well, I know Christopher wouldn't eat it because he hates nuts, but James is a living garbage disposal. Anyway, it was like getting a gift all over again.

I'm happy today. Content.
Now I need to do that lesson plan that was going to do everyday of spring break. Its due tomorrow. Nothing like a little pressure to get me motivated.

Well, thanks for taking the time to listen to me.

Sarah Jo

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