Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm the holiday armadillo!

Today was beautiful. I started it by sleeping in. Then, because I could, I ate cake for breakfast. This turned out to be a horrible idea, but now I know that cake for breakfast doesn't work.

After my morning girl-hygiene rituals I watched two terrible old musicals: Xanadu and Grease 2. Now, I love musicals, but these two were just unbelievable. It was like a four hour cringe.

So, you can imagine how exciting the prospect of a walk at smith park sounded when Ashley J. calls me. We walked. When we got to the skate park I saw Aaron, a guy I used to have a crush on. After the hello's and how have you been's, we continued walking and I had a girl moment, giggles and all. Ashley promptly reminded me that I am, in fact, a girl, and am therefore entitled to girl moments. Needless to say, Aarons presence at the skate park was reason enough for a second lap around, but sadly, I did not see him again. *sigh* I remember how it felt to like him, he made it so easy, but I do not know him now. I know how much I have changed, I can only assume the same is true for him. Still, it takes me back to eighth grade. . .

Well anyway, I do believe I was going to work on that science project today.

I heart you,
Sarah Jo

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