Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hugs like a drug.

Yesterday Rachel and Katy visited me at work. They made me a "Sarah Jo" label on Rachels labelmaker to put on my I.D. badge thingy. They also brought me camels, elephants, a pineapple, and an extra set of hands, fingernails painted and all (you know, just in case.)

Then I went to our family New Years day party. I like them very much. I got to play with Emilie and Elisabeth for a bit. Kaitlynn just kind of watched me suspiciously. I'll win her over, one day she will love me.

The drive home was awfully scary. The fog was so thick out in the country, I thought I shouldn't be able to breathe. I kept involuntarily trying to look around my glasses like I do when they become fogged up, but the problem was not with my glasses. I felt claustrophobic and nervous. I just drove really slow.

I found some new Relient K obsessed friends last night.
And I had a dream my teeth fell out.

Mmm, Mamaw is making those super-awesome mashed potatoes today. I have to go get dressed now.

Sarah Jo

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