Friday, January 21, 2005

And then a snow plow came by, and covered it all back up.

So, I did my essay thingy today. Now, I get to wait and wait and wait, oh, and fill out a lot more paper work, cus thats always fun.

Today my mother and I shoveled the sidewalk in front of our house. That my friend, is hard work.

I managed not to do any homework yesterday or today thus far. This is creating a heavy, guilty, foreboding feeling, but I think I'll ignore that for now and go get in the shower.

Oh, and I was mucho grumpy this morning because I had to wake up early and take James to court.
And. . . mom helped me give my car a quick sprucing up today, because the layer of dust on my dashboard was getting quite disgusting. Im just going to tell myself that the dust was from it sitting for two weeks while I was in china, and not because I haven't cleaned it for months and months. I cannot really clean the outside because it is supposed to snow again tonight, and I would be pretty mad if I got it all clean and then it became covered in salt tomorrow. And also, my doors would probably freeze shut due to the insane leakage. But, enough about my car and such.

I shall take a shower and then fill out my school paperwork and NOT read Harry Potter. You don't believe me, do you? That's okay, I don't believe me either.

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