Thursday, January 20, 2005

Greatest Hits of the Middle Ages

I met with my counselor today, to have her sign my cohort application. Upon arriving in her office she tells me that she has no idea where I got my application, its the wrong one, here's the right one, come back next week with it filled out, and oh, by the way, write this essay too. Thanks so much.

And. . . my EDL 204 class was canceled for the day. That was nice.
And. . . I know have to use a flashlight to go to the restroom because the hall light has expired, and I refuse to walk across the ten-foot expanse of darkness. I had hoped that by stealing my parents flashlight, they would get the idea and change the light bulb, but apparently not. On a lighter note, it is one of those big, long, heavy, metal flashlights that police men carry. I think I shall steal it when I move out. It would become quite useful in banging over the head of intruders or something (cus you know I would totally have a good angle when cowering in the closet floor.)

Jenelle gave me a purple and pink afghan (sp?) for Christmas and it has my name on it and it matches my bedspread! (Please excuse my use of run-on sentences, bad spelling, and general shallowness)

Ah, tomorrow is full of things I must do, so I shall depart from you. I hope I accomplish all I have planned, I must go, please understand.

Sarah Jo

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